Tips: Protecting Your Devices

Our devices are an integral part of our day-to-day banking, but they can also be prime targets for fraud. Learn how to protect yourself and your information!

Tips: Protecting Your Devices

Here are a few tips for protecting yourself while using applications on your devices:

  • Third party software applications may contain features allowing for device compromise and personal information leaks.
  • Only download applications from official sources such as Apple App Store or Google Play, avoid jail breaking or rooting your devices.
  • Check application privacy settings periodically.
  • Consider using mobile security software; applications are available for Android and Apple devices.
  • Be selective with granting app permissions:
    • Periodically review privacy settings to ensure apps are not collecting or sharing excessive amounts of data.
    • If using location services, ensure location privacy/permission settings for such apps is understood and adequately limited.
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Digital Wallet

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay allow you to use your ARB debit card using your smart phone or watch at contact-less payment terminals.

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Online and Mobile Banking

Whether you need to check a balance, pay a bill, stop a payment, or order checks, online and mobile banking make it easy!